7 steps to piano service 

Piano are creatures of habit from the environment they reside in to the level of care they receive.  When first consulting with a new client for piano service. We are almost always told "I want this to be the best sounding piano". 

  1. Consist tunings at desired pitch US Standard is A440 we do not tune pianos to where it "sits" in pitch.

  2. VOICING is key to making your sound the way it should. Allowing it the tones that you want sing when you play giving your control of it's tone. 
  3. Regulation
  4. Cleaning
  5. Routine repairs


At J. Elliott & Co., we offer a variety of services that range from piano tuning to full on piano customization. In 2008, custom furniture was added to our services when multiple clients approached us to design and build different pieces after seeing some of our personal creations. This included dining room sets, staircases, piano benches, side tables, etc.. Just to list a few of the artist we have had the pleasure of working for See full list of artists

Alicia Keys    Beyoncé    Chick Corea    Prince    David Foster    Dick Hyman    Justin Timberlake    Steven Tyler    Sir Elton John's Red Pianos    Jamie Cullum    Olga Kern    Natalie Cole    Tony Bennett

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