Furniture has been a passion of ours from the beginning. It is a dining room table that is passed down from generation to generation. It is a staircase where families take their yearly Christmas photo. It is personal to us and defines the space where memories are made. After our clients saw the piano restorations and our unique piano designs, we were commissioned to design and build custom pieces of furniture and that is where it all began. Since then, we have built many custom pieces. We have also collaborated with other designers to help in making their visions a reality. If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind piece, click HERE to contact us today. See below for a small sample of our work.   


The Wave is a distressed, walnut dining room set we designed and built this for a client who loves to kite surf. The curves of the table and benches both mirror the soft motion of the sea. The texture of the ocean blue glass top mimics the sea foam found on the shore. 

Victor, our hand-crafted, walnut-lined side table, features a sleek cantilever design that is reinforced with steel. Click HERE to purchase.


Hand-carved lounge chairs designed by Interior Designer, Inson Wood of New York City, who commissioned J. Elliott & Co. to build them. They were featured at the Holiday House in the Hamptons, along with the Grand Rossa, which is one of our piano designs.                                                           


This custom, curved black staircase was completely hand-built. We designed it to appear as though it was floating in the air, anchored only by the curved rim which allowed the top step to seamlessly transition into the second story floor.