Royal Ebony grand piano

Royal Ebony grand piano

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The Royal Ebony the Royal Ebony first of its kind to surpass the design element and turn into a true piano innovation. The elegant lines filled with resonance when played, are seen united to the piano’s natural curves lined in gold. At this designs core is a Yamaha premium piano with customized (legs, pedal lyre, bench, and music desk).

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Piano is as a premium Yamaha acoustic piano or as a Yamaha Disklavier self playing instrument.

  1. Brand new Yamaha Premium piano (Pick the desired model option) 
  2. The front leg design allows the piano to resonate fully; canceling the unwanted hash in the tone.
  3. The tail leg flows from side-to-side, giving it a stance of royalty. The Royal Ebony is designed to magnify the purest of tones.
  4. Music desks are designed and modified so that sound is allowed through without interference; which is ideal for performing and studio recording.
  5. Comfortable custom-designed artist piano bench has solid brass knobs, is height-adjustable and matches the beauty of the Royal Ebony.
  6. The pedal lyre matches the design of the Royal Ebony and carries the gold throughout the modification.

Like all of our designs are handcrafted from superior species of woods by craftsmen in the United States. This design core piano is based on a premium Yamaha  and is available in other colors and model pianos as well. 

Shipping: Free Shipping to the 48 Continental United States. On ground floor level only. 

Ship date: Is 1-2 months. Handmade in the USA. If you need it immediately please contact us.