Grand Rossa piano

Grand Rossa piano

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Named after Ferrari’s 1957 Testa Rossa race car. The design boasts sleek curves forming semi helixes on the front legs, and a prolonged arch stemming from the tail leg which appears to flow through the piano.

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Piano is as a premium Yamaha acoustic piano or as a Yamaha Disklavier self playing instrument.

The design elements of the Grand Rossa also extend to a matching music rack, custom-designed rubber casters, two-tone lid prop and musician bench complete with a hand stitched diamond pattern that matches Ferrari’s interior. The entire ensemble, shown here in the deep Ferrari red called Rossa Corsa, was inspired by the craftsmanship and artistic beauty of the Ferrari itself.

  1. The music rack is equipped with friction hinges allowing for it to be positioned at the artist’s preferred angle. It also has magnetically attached winglets which can be removed for larger score sheet.
  2. We uses Neodymium magnets to attach the cushion to the bench top to prevent squeaking during performances.
  3. The lid prop features a magnetically floating short stick prop.

Like all of our products the Grand Rossa is handcrafted from superior species of woods by craftsmen in the United States. This design core piano is a Yamaha and is available in other colors and model pianos as well. Inquire with us for additional options.

Shipping: Free Shipping to the 48 Continental United States. On ground floor level only. 

Ship date: Is 1-2 months. Handmade in the USA. If you need it immediately please contact us.

Ferrari not included.